Hello, internet people!

I'm coming at you with a Monday update to share what's new & what I've been up to this week.

For starters, we're two bakes into the Biscuits & Tea Time Treats section of the Great British Blog Off! This week, I tackled an Easy Espresso Traybake that may be my favorite flavor of the challenge thus far. Read all about it over at Running Into Joy.

Second, I've got exciting news--I earned my second Top Writer tag on Medium for my Travel essays, including my latest ode to the great state of Ohio.

I also hit my goal of 20 new posts on Medium last week--and now I'm 2 above that goal at 22 published posts! You can check that out here on my Medium profile, and don't forget that supporters unlock all my content behind the paywall!

In personal life, I went on my first 50 minute long run since I've gotten back on the pavement. It was a slog, but as usual, felt amazing when I was done!

Tomorrow, I'll be headed to the retina specialist to make sure my exciting eye adventure isn't anything to worry about, so that will be an interesting new adventure in the realm of things that can happen to the body.