Happy Monday, friends!

Lately I've been trying to ground into and connect more with the energy surrounding each day of the week. While I do my daily tarot and oracle card pull, I glance at these correspondences and note them in my journal.

Monday is, perhaps not surprisingly, ruled by the energy of the moon (moonday, you see?) and the element of water. So, it's a very intuitive, emotional day, great for tapping into what you don't realize you know and develop new insights.

Even if you're not into astrological and elemental energies, there's something about the fresh start to a new week that feels ripe for potential. As the sun says hello after a weekend of rain, I can't help but feel excited to take on this new week!

I did a lot more prepping and drafting than polishing and publishing last week, but I do have a few new highlights to share:

  • As my wedding date approaches, I wrote a reflective essay on that old saying "love finds you when you least expect it," which PS I Love You published on Wednesday

  • I dove deep into the world of book subscription boxes to bring you a roundup of four fantastic options for you or the reader in your life.

  • In lieu of my weekly bake, I walked 12.6 miles on Saturday! Find out why in my latest blog post

Next weekend I'm headed out to a Getaway outpost for a little solo retreat. On the loosely dreamed schedule are snacks, hikes, yoga, and plenty of reading. I am very much looking forward to some real alone time and unplugging for a bit, but I'm also hoping to get some writing done while I'm there! See you on the other side with next week's update.