Monday Update 5/31/2021

Monday Update 5/31/2021

May 31, 2021

In the States, it's Memorial Day, which means many of us have the day off from work, myself included. My workplace gave us an extra long weekend this year, in recognition of all the challenges of working in higher ed throughout the pandemic this past year. I used my extra time for a lot of reading, a bit of writing, and also some general relaxation time.

Just because it's a holiday doesn't mean I'm skipping on the Monday update, though! Here's what I've been up to the last week:

  • I shared the daily three-card Tarot spread that sparks my creativity

  • The latest edition of What We're Reading Wednesdays hit the Your Book Friend blog and Medium page

  • My review of Ariadne went live in Coffee Time Reviews, and I posted a review of A Pho Love Story in Your Book Friend. The delicious food descriptions in Pho Love Story inspired me to check out a local Vietnamese place, where I ordered a tofu banh mi and matcha bubble tea.

  • World Traveler's Blog published my travel essay about the Getaway cabin experience. Spoiler alert: it was phenomenal. If you're thinking of checking out, I do have a referral code that can save you $25, so hit me up if you're planning a restful retreat in the woods any time soon.

  • I continue dedicating some time and energy to the fledgling memoir manuscript, and it's coming along okay in spite of my inner critic demanding to go back and change things. But, I'm determined to get the shitty first draft down before I let my inner editor take her metaphorical red pen to the page

So there you have it, my week in words! If you want to support my creative work, you could:

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    Whether you do any of the above or just keep showing up to read my Monday updates, I am truly grateful for your support! Hope everyone has a great week ahead, and I'll see you here next Monday for another Monday update!

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