Happy Monday, all!

There's something about the first Monday of a new month that just makes me feel refreshed and ready to go.

I met my April goal of 20 new stories on Medium, and continued plugging along with the Great British Blog Off challenge. This month, I'm not setting particular goals for post number, but just hope to keep writing consistently and get back in the groove with some neglected self-care practices.

Here are some updates from last week:

  • I posted my April 2021 reading recap over at Your Book Friend, and it's gotten a decent amount of engagement! Check out my mini-reviews for the best books I read last month and add on to that TBR (that's a friend link, just for you, non-Medium friends!)

  • This week's Great British Blog Off post features another winner--"posh" granola bars, the chocolate version, of course! These are delicious and will definitely become a staple snack for me. Can you believe it's week 20 already?!

  • I've started reading two great books, There's No Such Thing As An Easy Job and Crying in H Mart, so I'm sure I'll be bringing some glowing reviews later this month.

Also new--New Pokémon Snap was released for the Switch, and you know my childhood nostalgia and I had to play. I spent a lot of Sunday playing the game, and it's definitely a fun update on the weirdly playable premise of the old N64 game.

Hope your May and your week are off to great starts! I began my work week with an iced caramel oatmilk latte, of course.