Happy Monday, friends! Or, as I am calling it this week, happy "day before Kerry Winfrey's Very Sincerely Yours" comes out.

A few weeks ago on my Bookstagram, I told this oh so funny story of how I accidentally double pre-ordered Winfrey's last book, Not Like the Movies, because I got very excited on two occasions several months apart. I told this story because I felt very pleased for remembering to check my email before pre-ordering Very Sincerely Yours, to avoid same mistake.

Except that I just received two separate confirmations for the book again. Apparently, the time I remembered to check would've been the third time. Whoops.

Anyway, one or two copies will be making their way to my porch very soon, and I'm excited to check it out. Here's a link to Bookshop.org in case you've not heard about this one yet and want to learn more (full disclosure--that is an affiliate link so if you do choose to purchase, thank you much!).

Anyway, on to the recap of my past week in words! It was a lower volume week for me, writing wise, as I haven't been feeling tip-top thanks to the usual hormones plus falling down and scraping the heck out of my knees.

  • I recounted my experience seeing an ad for Final Fantasy X-2 for the first time in my first article for FanFare.

  • Found in my Journal published a piece about my relationship to the word "witch" that I've been agonizing over for quite a while, since it's personal in a different way to much of my work.

  • My very cleverly named review of John Green's The Anthropocene Reviewed went live on Your Book Friend's Medium and wordpress sites.

Thanks for your support in checking out the weekly update! I appreciate it oh so much! I'll see you next week, friends.