Monthly Update: September 2022

Monthly Update: September 2022

Oct 03, 2022

September was an incredibly busy month at the day job, yet somehow, also a pretty prolific writing month. I finally felt the tug to write some personal essays and even try my hand at a little humor after a few months of feeling wrung out and mainly writing about books.

It helps that I've started to go out into the world and do things that might inspire said personal essays again, I think. Here's what I put out in September:

  • I started a new Tarot Tuesdays series on my self-care blog, Running Into Joy. I reflect on the meaning of a particular card each week and give you some journal prompts based on its message.

  • At the Rennaissance Festival this year, I got to meet some hawks. This prompted reflection on my teenage hawk girl years.

  • My car broke down in the middle of a tunnel last week, which naturally sparked the need to write my way through it. The feelings, not the tunnel. Some guys in a truck pushed me out of there.

  • While browsing my Google recommended articles, I began to wonder what someone would think of me if this was all they knew. Then I decided to channel Google's impressions of me for what may be my funniest piece to date.

  • Plenty of bookish goodness continues over at Your Book Friend, including several book reviews and the usual weekly content. I'm going to post there once a day in October if all goes according to plan.

Those are the highlights of September! Thank you, as always, for being here and for supporting my work. I hope you enjoy what I've put out this month!

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