Monday Update 10/25/2021

Happy Monday, friends! October rages on, and Halloween is somehow already nearly upon us. I confess I'm a little sad at how quickly this month has gone, as I've really been enjoying all the spooky season content this year. Not to mention, I haven't yet listened to "This is Halloween" by Panic at the Disco nearly often enough, or watched the David S. Pumpkins skit. All things for my to-do list this week, as I suppose. In the great wide world of writing, I've been... more

Oct 25

Monday Update 10/18/2021

Hello, internet friends! I'm back with a massive Monday update to let you know what I've been up to lately. A lot of words have gone out into the world in between life happening. Between increased responsibilities at work and planning a wedding, I'm honestly surprised I've managed to find time to keep writing. But write I have! Here are a few highlights: When a friend asked me for some guidance on what I wish I knew when I first started running, I realized I had to deliver... more

Oct 18

Belated Monday Update 6/29/2021

Happy... Tuesday? Oops, I completely forgot to do the Monday update yesterday. Last week was hectic, with a retina doc appointment and our dog deciding to jump off our back porch with a stick in her mouth, resulting in an emergency trip to the vet. Friday saw us madly cleaning the house in anticipation of a weekend visit with friends who, sadly, had to cancel due to their little one feeling under the weather. I don't know what energy was out in the universe last week, but woof did it hit... more

Jun 29

Monday Update 6/21/2021

Happy Monday, internet friends! The past week went by in something of a blur, since I've been nursing an injured knee and watching our heeler pup, Azula, solo.Still, I've got some exciting news to share, so let's gear up for another Monday Update! I started a reading-centered newsletter that pops into your inbox every Monday morning to start your week off with a tarot reading and reading recommendations of books and articles to dig into. You can check out the first issue and... more

Jun 21

Monday Update 6/14/2021

Happy Monday, friends! Or, as I am calling it this week, happy "day before Kerry Winfrey's Very Sincerely Yours" comes out. A few weeks ago on my Bookstagram, I told this oh so funny story of how I accidentally double pre-ordered Winfrey's last book, Not Like the Movies, because I got very excited on two occasions several months apart. I told this story because I felt very pleased for remembering to check my email before pre-ordering Very Sincerely Yours, to avoid same... more

Jun 14

Monday Update 6/7/2021

Hello from the first Monday update for the month of June! The first week of the month went by in a blur. I got my second COVID-19 vaccination, a friend's puppy is staying with us for the week, and I wrote over 6,000 words of the memoir, plus a few articles lined up for the week at Your Book Friend.For all the works-in-progress, I did also manage to put a few more things out into the world between breaking up play fights that got a little too loud between pup one and pup two. I... more

Jun 07

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