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Being a responsible practitioner includes committing to continuous education. In July 2021, I will begin a course in anti-racism, ancestral connection, and community. This is in alignment with who I am and what I’m learning. The course also centers the Indigenous origins of Reiki energy healing.

Energy healing helped me move onto my path firmly and with intention. It's my privilege to grow into my role as a community healer under the guidance of this program.

I'm raising funds to pay for tuition, books, and travel to Seattle for ritual at the end of the program in June 2022.

Those who contribute $25+ will receive a set of delightfully designed Healing Intention Cards with words to spark your soul. After submitting your donation, please fill out the order form. 

These Healing Intention Cards are inspired by Affirmations for All, a project created by Whitney Wilkerson and a team of gifted artists.


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