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Frankie Fodder

Mar 08, 2022

Nov 21 2018

Tis the season to have co-lds!

Our home is certainly festive with it. Each one of us is at different stages and varying degrees of the same cold. Eyes are puffy, coughs are barky and noses are running amuck. This morning I heard Frankie in her room muttering her new, yet already quite familiar words  “Uh-oh. Oh NO Mommy!”

I wandered in, mildy afraid of what I might find and there she is, hand outstretched a foot or so from her face, with a nexus of nose offerings extended between, glistening like a string of Christmas lights...

ME: “oh honey. Let me help you, I’ll get a Kleenex.”

FRANKIE: “Oh NO Mommy,” she said again, wriggling it about “NOSE POO!”

I’ll end this story here. I’m in between fits of laughter and dry heaves.

Thanks for that lasting and inescapable visual Frankie.

Thanks a lot.

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