Are you sick of this snow and cold crap yet!? Me too! I'm so tired of being cold! I do not make my own body heat and I can't handle always being cold! I'm wanna kick that gopher thing too for seeing his shadow this year! This is all his fault!! 

    I absolutely love being outside. I always have. My favorite writing spot changes a lot (usually depending on the weather) but when it's nice outside, that's where you'll find me. I have a ton of space in my back yard and huge flower beds around my house. If the sun is shining down and making everything warm and pretty, when you step outside of my house, all you can smell is the different flowers in bloom. It's a wonderful thing. Sometimes I just lay out a blanket and lay in the yard, under a tree and write for hours. It's amazingly relaxing and super helpful for all the creative juices! We won't talk about the one time I fell asleep and woke up a total lobster! 

    This last year, we got a hammock on a base (instead of hanging between trees) and I basically lived in that thing all summer. I was able to work on my book for hours at a time; writing, creating, scratching things out, and writing some more. It was a beautiful thing until my 150lb Great Dane, Apollo, tried to join me on the hammock. I'm sure it looked exactly like you're imagining it did. That dog is a mommy's boy all the way and no one bothered explaining to him that he is indeed not a small, lap dog, We both went toppling on the ground under the hammock and he just laid down next to me like that was what he was trying to do all along. 

Here he is taking up half of my king-sized bed but still believing he is tiny!! 

    Currently, while all this snow and disgusting wind keeps happening, inspiration has to strike from my limited work space in my room. I have a small desk in here to work from and that's fine but again, I don't make my own body heat. So most of the time, I'm in my bed, propped up by a pillow with three blankets on top of me. Just writing away in my cozy little spot. Lately, I've been lighting a candle or putting on some music in the background to break up some of the monotony of being in one room instead of being amongst the flowers where I would really like to be. Until the flowers come back, I guess I'll just stare out the window longingly, just waiting on Spring to arrive so I can be back outside. 

Leave a comment about your favorite writing/creative space!!