The sun is warming my face, as my eyes flutter open. My eyelashes lift off of my cheeks and lay back down on them slowly. The sun is bright and warm as it shines in through my bedroom window; telling me that Spring is quickly changing into Summer. Alone in my bed, I am curled up in the middle, on my right side. My eyes open fully and take in the scene of smooth, white, cotton sheets and a rumpled, down comforter surrounding my tired body. A smile stretches over my face when I remember today is the first day of my stay-cation. Today I get to spend all day in my garden; it’s not supposed to rain.

    I can smell my coffee maker brewing my life juice in the kitchen. I live for steaming cups of hot joe and the thought of it allows me to rise from my bed with a purpose. I place my feet gently on the cold floor and my toes jump back up in surprise. My comforter has kept me perfectly encased in warmth all night, making the cold floor seem even colder than normal. I smile to myself, thinking of when my mother insisted that I put rugs down in my bedroom. I had refused. I had just had these beautiful floors put in. Why cover them up? I’ll buy rugs and just not tell her.

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