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We’re Amelia And JP: YouTubers, bloggers and expats in Ecuador!

A life-threatening health issue and nearly $1 million in spinal surgeries back in Denver Colorado made us seriously question our life’s decisions.

Things we thought were so important no longer had any meaning for us. Just when we thought life was about to end, we were given the gift of more and we didn’t want to waste it!

So we sold everything we owned and moved to Ecuador with our two dogs to live a more unconventional life abroad. Now, we are dedicated to showing YOU how to do what we did!


Once you join our community of unconventionals, you’ll gain immediate access to even more exclusive member-only posts and videos.

Benefits for All Members

Each month, we post a Q&A Request For Questions so you can ask us your questions. We do the research and reach out to our expert resources to make sure we’re providing accurate information. And then we record a video answering all the questions. You’ll get access to dozens of these monthly videos right after signing up.

You’ll also get immediate access to our fun, private, safe and secure chat community that’s just for our members. Unlike other social networks, ours is positive, helpful and supportive! And we work hard to keep it that way!

Many of our members have become friends in our private chat community on and some have even started dating! They forge connections online and organize meetups in the real world! It’s a great way to make new friends!

And finally, you’ll get special access to REAL LIFE social events that we occasionally host. We’ll post the details in the #meetups channel in our chat community so be sure to monitor it for our events, as well as events organized by other Unconventionals.

Member’s Choice Benefits

If you sign-up at this level, you’ll get to choose the topic for a monthly special edition, Member’s Choice video. We’ll share a poll at the beginning of the month so you can vote for the winning topic. Then we’ll record the video and share it with you.

You’ll also get immediate access to more than a dozen Insider videos (behind-the-scenes, blooper reels, special editions, etc.). These are special edition videos that you haven’t seen yet!

Zoom Happy Hour Benefits

At this membership level, you’ll get special access to a monthly Zoom Happy Hour with Amelia And JP and several other members. You’ll be able to ask us anything via video, audio or the chat window, and we’ll respond in-real-time via live video. It’s a great way for you to get to know us more personally, and for us to get to know you!

And if you can’t make the live event, you’ll have access to the REPLAY so you don’t miss anything!

Supporter, Producer & Executive Producer Benefits

At these levels, we’ll add your name to the description of every video on YouTube and our social feeds. And your name will stay on those videos forever! You can opt-out of this if you prefer to remain anonymous.

PLUS, if you select the Annual Plan during registration, you’ll get 2 months FREE! That’s 12 months for the price of 10!