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Hi there! My name is Amélie. I’m a designer-turned-researcher, storyteller, and writer exploring the intersections of communities, language, and cultural theory.

A bunch of fancy words to say that I research and write about how communities form, speak to each other, and how society shapes them.

These days, I’m focused on creating resources for people to use when engaging with communities in digital, physical, or phygital (digital + physical) spaces.

Current and past resources
Resources I’ve created/co-created include: The Guide to Allyship, People of Craft, and Good for PoC, to name a few, with more resources on the way.

Why do this?
My hope is that people can use these resources to better themselves and to be more connected to one another in kinder ways.

Supporting my work
Any support you give enables me to continue creating resources.

One-time donations are always appreciated! ✊🏾

If you want to stay tuned and see what’s on the docket for my next resource, sign up for recurring donations, instead!

Either way, thanks for visiting, you’re appreciated no matter what you choose to do because this wouldn’t be possible without you.