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I’m a designer and writer who is deeply interested in cultural studies, design ethics, language, and human interaction.

Many of the projects I work on focus on social good and social justice: The Guide to Allyship, People of Craft, and Good for PoC, to name a few. If you‘re here because of the any of the aforementioned projects and would like to donate, thank you so much. 🙏🏾

Lately, I’ve been researching and thinking a lot about how designers teach, learn and practice designer. The burning questions I have about this have me so excited and restless that I’ve committed myself to researching the following questions:

  • What is design?
  • Who gets to define it?
  • Who does design benefit?
  • Who does design harm?

To be clear, I should note that when I say “design” I don't mean graphic design. I think that “design” is a synonym for the word “problem-solving”.

All human-made objects (physical and digital) have to be planned (designed). We all have the ability to solve problems and I believe we’re all designers.

To convince you, I’m currently working on a project to help both designers and non-designers understand design’s impact on society, using a culturally aware lens.

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