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I’m a designer and writer who is deeply interested in cultural studies, design ethics, language, and human interaction.

Many of the projects I work on focus on social good and social justice: The Guide to Allyship, People of Craft, and Good for PoC, to name a few. If you‘re here because of the any of the aforementioned projects and would like to donate, thank you so much. 🙏🏾

Lately, I’ve been researching and thinking a lot about how designers teach, learn and practice designer. The burning questions I have about this have me so excited and restless that I’ve committed myself to researching the following questions:

  • What is design?
  • Who gets to define it?
  • Who does design benefit?
  • Who does design harm?

To be clear, I should note that when I say “design” I don't mean graphic design. I think that “design” is a synonym for the word “problem-solving”.

All human-made objects (physical and digital) have to be planned (designed). We all have the ability to solve problems and I believe we’re all designers.

To convince you, I’m currently working on a project to help both designers and non-designers understand design’s impact on society, using a culturally aware lens.

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Thanks for the insightful Guide to Allyship.   I believe it will help inform me as I move forward in my efforts to become a better ally.  

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You're putting into words how I hurt my friend in ways that make it make more sense and make me see how bad it was.  Maybe that can help me repair the friendship, or not do it again with someone else.  

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