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Hello! This is my coffee page for financial support for me and my family! Excuse me if my english is bad or incorrect, it is not my native language. Oh and I'm taking requests, but I'm still not so good and have a lot to improve so you don't have to request anything if you don't want to, of course, and if you do, don't expect a perfection or shit like that...

Ok so my mom has this sickness called "phibromyalgia" that causes her constant pain in different parts of the body. She can barely sleep at night which causes memory impairment. The only thing that can help her is a pressure cabinet, but it is super expensive and the waiting list is years long. I really want to help her and make her happy. She would help anyone who's in need without thinking, so if you like my art and want to help, please donate. For every donation i will gift a drawing for the person who donated, but im still learning, so dont expect anything.

Have good day/ night!