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American History Remix is a podcast that explores America’s past. Moving chronologically through U.S. history, each episode draws from the best scholarship in the field. We explore often overlooked subjects and offer different interpretations to well-known subjects. We cover social history, environmental history, political history, and much, much more.

At the core of this project are 2 people: Will and Lyndsay. Along the way, friends and family donated their time and skills to help us achieve our goals with the podcast, and we could not thank them enough! But, this is far from a free venture! Until recently, we've supported this podcast out of pocket (and through gracious donations as mentioned), but we want more out of this project. Now we're stepping farther outside of our comfort zones and setting grand goals for the podcast which include more content, resources for educators, and ways to interact with YOU! With your help, we can achieve these goals! And we couldn't be more grateful for your support!

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