Welcome to the first entry of my reading list.

It's a reward for paid members, who will receive it every couple of weeks. Although this is a public post to give an idea of what you'll get by becoming a member, going forward it will be available as members only posts.

The list is a curated selection of links to articles I read across a wide range of topics. From Google and technology, astronomy and space, to digital and self-publishing, blogging, content creation and monetization, Python, and more.

The value is the articles I share mostly come from non-mainstream blogs or sites that provide insightful commentary, unique angles, direct experience, or hard to find information. Most of the content I see on social networks comes instead from the usual suspects, i.e. mainstream sources, and it’s the same stuff everyone else shares.

Please note I may not necessarily agree with all the opinions expressed in the linked articles.

— Paolo Amoroso


Content creation and publishing