I had a lot of fun with this week's live Energy Read, catch the replay by clicking here. I pulled out a card from the Romance Angels and read it, so I don't really want to recap it here, but,

I do want to mention that the overall theme of this month, and Leo season, is connecting to your heart and pursuing the soul based mission that you are here for.

Now, it is a big task to take on figuring it out in one day, one week, or even one month, or year. So, how to start is just with an intention to listen to self more,

To make time to be intentionally present, and know that the more you practice, the more it becomes a part of your natural state and essence. And allow it to present itself knowing that you are ready to receive it.

Friday, I will be going into my akashic records and providing messages to the first few to commit to be in attendance (information is towards the end of this email, or see the previous email I sent- k? bye)

Soul- 9 of Fire = Exhaustion

This card has a being inside a robot, looking grumpy, dissatisfied, and overall unhappy. The fire element in tarot is action, time, and spirit. When I first learned tarot, the teaching was that it is reflective of where you spend your time and energy.

So this can amount to your job, hobbies, and personal pursuits. In this position, the soul is directly saying that it is worn out trying to keep appearances and doing the daily hustle. It has reached burnt out point, and signs are pointing to stop and go back to the drawing board, and fix you up a new image of what life is supposed to look like, because this isn’t it. Got it?

And if you don’t know, that’s better than continuing on with it, because you can take a break. Pause until you figure it out, but it is not the time to continue pushing, and forcing life. You cannot make yourself happy by force, you can however, identify the real feelings that you are having and living on a day to day. Grow awareness around what that actually is and then begin the shifts necessary.

Mind =8 of Water = Letting Go

The shifts of course, are usually first mental ones. We have to change the way that we think, or at least open up to new ideas.

The biggest one is focusing on emotional wellness and stability. A lot of the mental health field, is really assistance in emotional management. This is something that as a society we have lacked proper training and adjustment on. Most of us are run by our emotions in a covert fashion so we think its our mind making decisions.

But our mind is trying to compensate for how we feel by pointing the solutions of the things that have us at a dissatisfaction, instead of looking at the core of the problem. Because it is the core that we have to release.

It is the core that we have to learn to let go. Or better yet, it is the protective layers that we have built up, that are no longer serving us. Letting go is part of the process.

Mentally, we are being called towards our emotions and understanding the messages that they carry, while allowing them to pass.

In HD, some of us are emotional and some of us aren’t. The emotional ones have this power of feeling that they need to tap into, it provides the awareness that is needed and the clarity to move forward. The non emotional beings, have to understand that, you amplify the emotions around you, and they are meant to pass you. Don’t cling on to them, allow yourself to let them go.

Body=Page of Rainbows = Adventure

As you are doing your inner work this week, make an intention to have an adventure. The definition of adventure is something unusual and exciting. As I typed that, I’m thinking of what that could be for myself, and so, I will set the intention to allow for the opportunity to be surprised and willingly participate in it.

The image is a child heading into a cave, or towards a rainbow light. Children are so innocent, and everything around them feels new.

This card is calling out to your inner child, that has let go.

Listen, during the last reiki class I taught, I had an experience of seeing myself at such a pure part of my life, as I was leading a meditation, and I allowed myself to have an experience during the quiet time. Anyway, I saw little Claudia, very loud and rambunctious, laughing, running, smiling, and just exploring every part of the forest.

It made me very emotional afterwards, because it felt so real and connected to me, like this little girl exist in another realm. One without trauma, with just pure love and joy.

This card is a reminder to connect to the part of you that dreams and imagines and walks like it is your first few steps, paying close attention to the environment.


As this week is the first of this month of August, it is one to really take in the energy that is the Summer. Some things are slow, others are fast, yet the inner work continues. It is okay to take breaks, it is fine to put things that are stressful away.

You are important, and there is time available now for you to prioritize yourself.

On Friday, will be the Lions Gate Activation, click here for more information.

Love you,

Claudia Adalgisa