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Soul Mind Body-New Year, What's Good

Jan 04, 2022

The spike in interest in my spiritual path started in 2011 after a breakup.

In 2012, I had my first tarot reading, and I was hooked in learning more about symbols and what they all meant. At the same time, I began learning about chakras and how they affected the day to day.

When I started Amor Personified, I felt like since my entry level to this work may have been with tarot, it is something for me to offer and do for others. As throughout the years I have gained some deep insights and forewarning that have assisted me in making tough decisions.

As the time has passed on, I gained more trust for myself and continuing to build on that, I know that the tool of the tarot is simply that. A tool, I was doing weekly tarot Tuesday really just for fun, and I enjoyed it.

All of a sudden there was a shift in the energy and my timeline, which was saying that intention is so much more important. Now the question of how this aligns to my purpose, is louder in my head when I make a move, and I honor it. I listen to the response and allow myself to be led by my higher self. Which has reduced the number of readings that I do, as I choose to leave this work for clients who are committed to growth and transformation.

Now the Soul Mind Body spread has turned into a weekly conversation through written expression, and even this I am being called to add more to. More directedness as to the application of the information that we are receiving from the cards. So, I am giving it a shot, for the very first week of 2022. Here we go:

This week's spread is from the Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong.


The card in this position is the 9 of Swords. The nine is a completion of cycles and the swords is mental energy. It is air ruled, and in this we have a feminine energy, surrounded by different shades of purple and covering their face. It seems like there are two swords stuck on the back of the person, and there are 7 swords pointed at them.

As the air element is seen as traditionally masculine, it feels like an attack, and getting closer to surrender. We are in the first few days of a new year, and our minds are working on changes we want to see and uphold, and yet something inside us, just wants stillness.

It seems like we are causing the stressors and feel powerless. This is all in the mind though, and we are more than what our mental capacity allows us to think we are.

Guidance: Seek stillness, figure out ways to intentionally quiet the mind, don't avoid, yet surrender to stress. This means acknowledge where things don't feel clear, allow yourself indecision as you figure out the next steps towards your alignment.


The Mind card is the 8 of wands. Wands is action, spirit and fire. The 8 is abundance, structure, and Saturnian energy. Saturn is the "evilest" of the planets and its strict and constricting energy is repressive, which is interesting to see that in this card, it reflects these two beings taking flight. Ready for what is up ahead, yet in a very tight and structured manner.

Saturn rules Capricorn, which is the season we are still being guided by, and our mind is focused on work. Upward movement and focusing on building momentum is where our minds are pointing to.

Guidance: Take some time to journal or write lists this week about where and how you are spending your time and energy. Just observe how it feels and where your time is in fact going mostly.


The Page of Pentacles in the reversed position shows a beautiful dual faced being holding a disc that has come apart, or did they pull it apart? I can't help but think body art when I see this card.

It is a literal Earth card, the Page is youth, and championing something new. Yet this feels like instead of building it feels destructive.

Undoing or breaking something to create a new experience. I feel like this is reminding me to get those piercings, and tattoos that I've been wanting.

Pentacles also represent money, and as this pertaining to the physical, it is time to review finances and get ready for tax season. Starting to prioritize financial wellness in our lives is important as we deem it a measure of success and freedom.

Guidance: Change something about your temple this week. This is you sign to get that new body art, piercing, tattoo, haircut, nails. If no body modifications are in order, then consider wearing something different. It could be as simple as painting your nails, or as complex as getting a tattoo.


Readings are available on a limited basis for members of Amor Seeds, consider joining today.

Surrounding you with wishes of love, peace, and blessings for this new year.

Have an amazing week!

Peace, Love, and Light,

Claudia Adalgisa (she/her)

Reiki Master Teacher

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