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video made me decide to try it myself. thanks

Thank you, Carlos! You're awesome!

Jessica Ellis
Jessica Ellis bought a coffee.

Learned a lot about grout, thank you!

Thank you Jessica! I really appreciate that!

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Thanks for the vids on hot water heater maintenance. Really helped me out this past weekend.

I'm so glad to have been helpful. Thank you so much!

Satheesh Soundararajan
Satheesh Soundararajan bought 3 coffees.

Impressive! Thank you so much! Excellent step by step instructions and it was a breeze to swap my garage door springs.

I'm so glad my video was useful. Great job getting your springs replaced, and thank you very much for the coffee money!

Jesse bought 3 coffees.

Thank you ver much for the video providing directions to drain the water heater. You were direct, provided simple instructions and make it all very clear. I also appreciate your honest approach by point out areas of caution. 

Thank you so much, Jesse!