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I go by Ana V. Martins and I am a cross-channel storyteller. Whether in blog format, video, or live, I am to spark lust for life in the people around me, especially those with a background of migration like myself and those who yearn for a more creative life.

My blog, Amsterdive, is made of life revelations and the wonders of Amsterdam culture. The newsletter - my most personal venue of work - is all about personal tales of self-development. My YouTube channel covers creative living and adventurous travels. I’m currently writing a book about the bold, quirky Amsterdam I love.

I support myself from my writing work and from my creativity + movement classes, hence this page. At once a donation jar and a mad hatter’s hat, this is where you can leave a gift to help support the content I put out, but you can also pull out a creativity workshop from here, or a ticket to a live event, or god knows what else.

Thank you for stopping by!  ✨