Thank You 2020 Halo New Earth prt 2
Your thoughts are one of the most valuable commodities that you possess. Use them wisely to enhance

Jan 04

Happy New Month December 2020 we at the beginning or the middle of the quickening? If the fables a

Dec 01

The Unified Thought of African Cosmology
Just Sharing,The work of Ancestral Voices, continues to promote African Spirituality, as a unified f

Nov 27

Thank You 2020 Halo New Earth
As we approach the end of the solar year we encourage you to say Thank You to the universe, for all

Nov 24

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Answers to The Speed Magicians
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Oct 31

Two Speed Magicians Relaxing into Their Destiny
5 minute read Welcome to this months fun quiz #whichOrisha? Key Word Magician: a person with excep

Oct 22