I didn’t fully step into my calling until my 50’s. I was always afraid of “being found out.”

I didn’t know anyone else like me and most mediums (although I was not familiar with the term) were thought of as “educated guess” fortune tellers where I grew up. Psychic was definitely a bad word and Chapelle was definitely funny.

Growing up I found it very confusing to be taught that people don’t really die that their soul goes to heaven, yet my great grandmother appearing to me was some how “not true” or “wrong.”

People fear what they don’t understand and sometimes they fear things they’ve just have never been exposed to.

How do you explain some thing that quite frankly is just normal to you?

I was born this way. I didn’t know I was different until I did. Then I began hiding who I am.

I hid it and tried to close it off,

which by the way takes an extreme amount of energy. 

There really isn’t any mystery to it. We are all spiritual beings having a mortal experience.

Simply stated I’m just the person who stands in the middle (the medium) between you and spirit. I relay the message.

As mediums we have no control over what comes through. You may not get what you want, but you always get what you need and what is for your highest use.

That doesn’t include winning lottery numbers or the answer to Jeopardy questions lol. It may include however things you’d rather not talk about but need to heal from.

Energy is energy. For me to read a person It doesn’t matter whether they are sitting across from me or halfway around the world . They could be on the phone or computer. I can read you before we even connect on the phone or computer no matter what you are doing at the time. It’s all the same.

As a light worker I do the work. I go where I’m called and I no longer care what anyone thinks.

What I know for sure from doing the work is that YOU are LOVED more than you can ever comprehend. Not as man loves as God loves. I hope you know that 💜

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