Captain Jack Bradford was a 25 yo, 6' tall, 250 lb man, with a balding flat-top cut of brown hair, with brown eyes. As Officer In Charge within the vault itself, should a lock-down occur, he would have need to be aware of his charges and responsibilities pertaining to them. The possibilities for career opportunity and advancement for handling this installation properly were vast. Captain Bradford liked that line of thought.

Jack Bradford was quite pleasantly surprised when he got the notification that his first Command Posting was being activated for some sort of classified research and development for military applications, while he was technically, in transit.

For Captain Bradford, that meant that whatever new gizmo the egg-heads were cooking up, would be on his manifest of responsibilities to protect. As OIC (Officer In Charge) of the facility, he would have to know everything going on within the facility. That knowledge in itself, held enormous responsibility and opportunity for advancement career wise, as well as to be the first to be able to have access to state of the art equipment.

Rumor had it, that it was some sort of space weapon, maybe a hand laser. Although, he wouldn't be able to access that information until after the facility had been fully activated. Captain Bradford could feel the winds of change in the government's attitude.

The government had seen that space exploration was not only possible, it was becoming expected by both the populace at large and wealthy private enterprise in the business sector. Capt. Bradford knew that the Corporate Giants, would soon be involved in moving profitable ventures into space and space travel. Therefore, now would be an optimal time to concentrate one's efforts in career direction toward space, he had decided.

The construction of the ranch house and the remodeling of the two former military dormitories, had only been completed for a few days when Captain Bradford himself, had arrived on site.

His orders and orientation had been given to him by an odd fellow, named Smith who wore dark sunglasses, even indoors. Agent Smith was from Homeland Security and his black suit looked a lot like those Jack had seen in old, black and white movies that played late at night.

Capt. Bradford met with Agent Smith at the site on the evening before he was to take command of the facility and was given as he thought of it, The Nickle Tour.