Dr. Jacob Swan Sr. PhD, rose early which was his custom, showered, shaved, dressed and went to have breakfast with his wife, Dr. Juliette Swan MD PhD, at their favorite little coffee shop just off the freeway that went into The City where they both had separate destinations. Both Dr. Swans were working on Top Secret, Government funded, projects, involving nanites.

They met in the coffee shop's parking lot, embraced with a respectable kiss and walked, arm in arm into the coffee shop together. Dr. Jacob Swan Sr. PhD held the chair for his wife to be seated, then seated himself to wait for the waitress to bring them their usual coffee.

"Jacob, darling, I don't understand why you have to be gone for 4 weeks," Dr. Juliette Swan said petulantly.

"Now Julie, it's only for thirty days. You understand the rigors of nanite development." Jacob said, pausing as the waitress came over carrying two filled cups of black coffee along with two menus.

"Are we having breakfast this morning, folks?" Asked the waitress, while smacking her bubble gum.

"Not this morning, Brenda, thank you." said Dr. Jacob Swan Sr. PhD in a pleasantly dismissive tone.

Brenda was familiar with the snooty couple coming into the coffee shop, they would often sit where they were sitting, in a seldom used corner, discussing some kind of scientific stuff with long funny names, quietly. They were good tippers and liked being left alone while at the coffee shop, so she concentrated on her other customers.

When Brenda was out of earshot, Dr. Jacob Swan Sr. PhD continued his thought. "Our revolutionary baking process is now a State Secret and my projects require my personal supervision, honey. Remember when we let another supervise a bake and I ended up with a waste of time."

"I'll have you know that the mistake you're talking about, was not a waste of time. It led to my current project breakthrough. It got me to the human trial part of my study. The durability and ability to use the natural electrical fields within a living body as a power source for our nanites was a huge development in nanotechnology." Mrs. Juliette Swan said proudly.

Mrs. Juliette Swan hated bringing up that, their nanite breakthrough, got her a signed government contract for a tidy sum. Yet, Mrs. Dr. Juliette Swan M.D. PhD. was extremely proud that their combined work and experimentation in nanotechnology had won, as she considered it, them the contract she was currently about to put into it's final testing phase.

That discovery alone, had split their directions of development, Mrs. Dr. Juliette Swan's M.D. PhD. interests were in healing and medicine. Dr. Jacob Swan Sr. PhD on the other hand, was interested in military, defensive and offensive uses for their new nanite design, as a base starting point.

The Doctors Swan, had learned early on, while both were experimenting with nanotechnology as a team, that they could use a goal of "hive mentality" when building them using their new process, they could program more and effective data handling into the "hive intelligence".

This breakthrough, brought Juliette Swan the ability to create the nanites used in both of her personal government studies.

Jacob Swan, on the other hand had not fared quite as well. His direction of nanotechnology development was with an eye toward offensive and defensive weaponry. His defensive research and development was actually going quite well. He was well on his way to developing a type of adaptive-nano-armor that was very bullet resistant and could become virtually invisible.

His offensive capable nanite development was able to develop a "smart bullet" that could hit a designated target around corners. Yet, he was not satisfied with "smart bullets, rockets and mines", he wanted more. His vision was to be able to add an electrical offensive capability to his adaptive-nano-armor.

It was for this reason that Dr. Jacob Swan Sr. was going to go to the secret underground testing and development facility at a secret underground installation.

Dr. Swan Sr., pulled his car into the parking structure and parked along with the several cars that were always parked there. Dr. Swan Sr, was met at the door by agent Jones who said, “I am Agent Jones of Homeland Security, come with me.”