Lt. Mitchel and Dr. Swan Sr. stepped into the elevator and Captain Bradford, set the car in motion down. The freight elevator traveled downward for quite some time, without passing any other floors. After a while, a shaft of external light, could be seen along the bottom of the elevator doorway. The elevator came to a stop in a large, spherical, cavern of natural granite. Lt. Mitchel let out a low whistle at the scope of a large, apparently naturally occurring, void in the bedrock.

“I've been told that it's believed to be the granite equivalent of a Geode but, from what little I know about the way granite forms, that is not possible under the laws of physics, as we know them. But, here it is. That's the only explanation the scientists have been able to come up with.” Captain Bradford was saying, as they walked along a concrete floored path, to a very large and thick vault door way. “And as it turned out, it was perfect for our needs here.” Captain Bradford said, turned to Lt. Mitchel and continued. “Wait here, Lieutenant. I will return and we can close and confirm this facility activated, for the next 30 days.”

Lt. Mitchel looked around the huge spherical void in solid granite. The wall of the sphere was glass smooth and the only place where tool marks could be seen within the void, was at either end of the concrete pathway. Curious to see more, Lt. Mitchel stepped into the room inside the vault opening.

Capt. Bradford was leading Dr. Swan Sr. down a hallway while saying, “Come with me and I'll show you your personnel, proprietary equipment and testing area here, Dr. Swan. There are already some of the students that have been working with you on your project here, I understand.”

Capt. Bradford led Dr. Swan Sr. into the facility, introduced him to the workers and student technicians that were assigned to help him in his work.

Dr. Swan got acquainted with his staff and was beginning to settle into a rhythm of work, meals and sleep, with periods of meditation, every other day.