Kelley Lowery came into the dining room, carrying a tray with large, enameled cups, plates, saucers and stainless steel silverware. She set it on the table, smiling wordlessly and returned to the kitchen. When Kelley entered the room, walking to the table, smiling and nodding to the hands, there was a rolling silence and stares from the civilian hands, with some low whistles of appreciation of her natural beauty.

The hands started getting and passing out the dishes for breakfast, while almost whispering about how pretty Kelly was. Kelly was an attractive, twenty one year old woman, who could easily pass for a girl of 18, with shoulder length, blond, wavy hair, wearing a nicely filled out, red plaid shirt, tucked into her jeans and a nice pair of western style, round toed, bulldogging boots with the higher heel.

When she returned, she was carrying an obviously well used, electric, coffee pot without it's cord and set it down in front of Foreman Mitchel. “Here you go, Boss. Your coffee pot, just like you like it, I just unplugged it. I haven't touched it, or cleaned it, since it was already plugged in. I figured you might want a refill. 'Cause I ain't drinkin' it. I'll bring in your breakfast after, I bring in the fresh, clean, pot for the hands, Sir.” Kelly said with a slight smirk.

“Uhem, yes. Thank you, Miss Lowery.” Foreman Mitchel said, blushing slightly, then said. “Someone give that girl a hand. One thing you boys should remember. She isn't just a cook here and probably rides and ropes as well as any of you. She does the books for this place too. Don't piss off the paymaster, boys. You guys might want to try to stay on her good side. If she says you don't get paid..., you don't.