When the staff car pulled up, the guy dressed in casual business wear and a lab coat, got out and came up to the main house, flanked by one man in an identical suit to the driver and a large man dressed in western wear, Capt. Bradford knew that his site was about to become fully active.

The carbon copy of the driver and more dour looking of the two men, handed Captain Bradford a sealed manila envelope, saying, "Your orders, Sir. You are to open them when your facility has been locked down and confirmed. You are expecting Dr. Jacob Swan Sr., I've been informed. This is your second in command, 1st Lieutenant Mike Mitchel. He has been assigned to be your foreman here, until he is relieved or transferred from this post.”

“I am 1st Lieutenant Mike Mitchel, at your service, Sir." Lt. Mitchel had to stop himself from saluting, as would be protocol, if they weren't undercover and stuck out his hand.

With that, the dour individual nodded, turned, got in the staff car and left the area, while Captain Jack Bradford and 1st Lieutenant Mike Mitchel, shook hands.

“Very good, Lieutenant. We shall discuss your appointment and duties, after we get Dr. Swan, here, safely into and settled within our installation.”

With that, Captain Bradford turned to Dr. Swan and said, "Welcome to The Ranch, Dr. Swan. My orders are to assist you, in whatever way you need, within my order's parameters, Sir. We will be in lock-down mode when you and I close and seal the R & D facility. No one will be allowed in to or out of the facility for 30 days. I trust that your project is ready for it's testing and refinement stages. Shall, we?" Captain Bradford was saying as they walked to the main house, then ushering Dr. Jacob Swan Sr. inside with a bowing wave of his hand.

Jack Bradford didn't care for Dr. Swan Sr. all that much, simply because he was of East Indian heritage. But, Jack Bradford didn't really like anyone who wasn't white. He had to treat everyone the same outwardly, because he was ordered to. And he did a pretty good job of pretending not to hate anyone who wasn't white, he thought.

Although, Captain Bradford couldn't help admiring the developments, that Dr. Swan Sr. had come up with in body armor so far, even though he was one of those Hindu people. But, this new development was said to be offensive in nature. Capt. Bradford wanted one of those body armor suits and one of whatever offensive weapon he was working on, too. Capt. Bradford couldn't help but wonder what it might be.