1st Lieutenant Mike Mitchel followed his new Commanding officer and the scientist into the house, itself.

The inside of the house was palatial in appearance, with a room off to it's left that was obviously a study or office of some sort. It was into this room, that Captain Bradford led the two men. Once inside, he drew the drapes, closed the double doors and opened another door, that led to another room, that was obviously a private office, with an odd pattern in the hard wood floor.

Once inside the doorway of this room, Capt. Bradford pulled a lever on the inside edge of the door frame, there were some clanking noises from inside the walls as the floor lowered, becoming a spiral set of stairs, going down two levels.

“Did you know that this morphing ramp is completely mechanical in operation? It can even only lower one floor, keeping the lowest floor effectively secret. It's a stairway unless it's lowered all the way.” Capt. Bradford informed, leading them down the sloping walkway, past one floor and into a large room, with a freight elevator at one end. “Now we go down a few hundred feet, gentlemen.” Captain Bradford said as he opened the freight elevator doors and stepped inside, next to the control panel.