The hands had been starting to file out of the dining room and Kelley was in the kitchen running some water for rinsing the dishes as the hands brought them in. David Hanson, was just heading into the kitchen, when Foreman Mitchel spoke to him as he was walking by. “Mr. Bolty, your hire sheet says that you're familiar with wagons. You are, correct?”

“Well, yes Sir, I am. Why?” Greg Bolty answered, questioning his intent for the question.

Lt. Mitchel didn't really care much for the 19 yo, 5'11'' tall, skinny, 145 lb when soaking wet, PFC., with oily black hair.

First of all, PFC. Gregory Bolty, always questioned, when having been given a command. Whether for clarification, which wouldn't be all that bad. It is always advisable to get clear and concise orders, to prevent an inadvertent mistake in following them, if one has any doubts.

Or, in PFC. Bolty's case, just to know what the reasoning was, for having been given the order, in the first place. As if a superior needed a reason, for giving a lawful order.

Lt. Mitchel scowled, took a hold of PFC. Bolty's arm, squeezed hard, pulled him close and said, through clenched teeth, “If you ever ask me why again, as Foreman, I'll fire your ass!” Then in a lower and angrier voice, said, “And as your superior officer, I'll have you up on charges for insubordination and Court Martial you, Private. That's right, I just demoted you, soldier. Your pay will reflect the change, private.”

Foreman Mitchel released his hold on Greg's arm and spoke in a serious, commanding voice, “I asked you a question, Mr. Bolty. Are you, or are you not, familiar with wagons?”

Greg, swallowed hard, paling visibly and answered, trying to hide his anger. “I am, Sir.”

“Now, was that so fuckin' hard, Mr Bolty?” Foreman Mitchel asked, not really needing an answer.

Greg, was angry and embarrassed. He blushed and answered, like a scolded child, “No Sir.”

“Good. Now, I want you and Mr. Sims, to hitch up the the Morgans to the wagon. I'll need it for later today. Then, you can both attend to your assignments from Mr. Gonzalez.” Mr. Mitchel said, with finality.