"All encompassing darkness..."

"No feeling..."

"No sight..."

"No sound..."

"No taste..."

"No smells..."

"Just darkness..."

"All encompassing darkness."

"A Blinding Flash.."

"Blinding Light everywhere, everywhere..."

"So bright it would hurt if there was any feeling..."

"But, no feeling, just Blinding Light..."


"Darkness coming in from the sides..."


"No! The light is moving away.. and what are those?"

"More lights, flickering, moving in circles around the bright light in the center..."

"Where the hell am I?" He thought.

"Space.. That's it! I'm in space! What the hell?"

"Over there, what is that?"

"A cloud? In space?"

"I must be fucking dreaming! Great. A month long dream,... marvelous." He thought.

The bright light seemed to move to his left as the cloud drew nearer. Then the cloud broke up into gum balls of all sizes and in the distance he could see an odd thing happening.

A big carrot was running around on the edge of a giant plate, shining a flashlight on gum balls as they floated slowly around the edge of the plate. Then it would stop, reach into the over-sized overalls it was wearing, pull out a large bucket of paint and slop paint all over one gum ball or another and put the bucket away again in it's pocket. Then it would start shining the flashlight on other gum balls in some kind of search. At least it looked like the carrot was searching for something and didn't know for sure what it was searching for.

Jason wondered what the hell this carrot was up to and the carrot, plate and all, moved closer.

The carrot saw him, as if for the first time and started jumping up and down waving it's stick figure arms around as if agitated at the sight of Jason. It reached into it's other pocket, produced another flashlight, pointed it at Jason and turned it on.


It was morning, they were making ready the long boats in preparation for their voyage to beyond the fog. Suddenly, a huge bolder appeared flying from up high in the fog toward their village. Jason saw it and turned to run back to warn the village and was suddenly mired in the mud and could only move very slowly. Jason struggled and fought against the mud but, was only causing himself to become further mired and sink even deeper into the mud. More boulders were flying in from the fog, striking the long houses, destroying his village and the people who were trapped there by the fog.


The rabbit hopped across the yard as Jason sat on the porch, enjoying the view of the valley below. Jason leaned back in his chair, standing it on two legs as he leaned back to rest his shoulders against the wall. The rabbit stopped, stood up, turned to face him, took a bite of the carrot he was suddenly holding and said, "Hey buddy. Have you seen a fat little guy with a rifle around here?" Before Jason could answer, the rabbit hopped away.


Flash of searing pain..


A Bright Green flash of light...

Jason heard a voice, seemingly from everywhere.

It was male and had an odd East Indian accent. "An intelligence! Eureka! What do you call yourself?"

"I'm Jason Francis Stalk, who is this?" Jason said into the void. There was no reply.


Flash of searing pain..


Jason was driving up a dark, muddy back-road, headed for the jail out in the boonies. It was dark and rainy and the roads were as slick as snot on a doorknob. Jason was going to get his little brother out of jail and he meant to do it no matter what. Jason skidded sideways into the jail parking lot which was also muddy and as slippery as greased owl shit.

Jason stepped out of his hot-rod and slipped, hitting his head when he fell. Bright flash..


Flash of searing pain..


Jason found himself in feudal Japan, holding the reins of a horse and it was raining.

Jason is Ronan, he has no Samurai Lord and he is in a new village, where he is unknown.

As he walks down the deserted street, a shooting star crashes to the earth just ahead of him.

Jason feels the concussion when it enters the atmosphere on his back.

Jason feels a wave of static as it passes over and electricity runs through him, shocking the hell out of him, somehow dancing on top of his head there were arcs of electricity.

Then the great explosion when the shooting star strikes and bright green light flashes in front of Jason, blinding him, dancing on his head, knocking him unconscious.