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Discovery! – Livestock and Crop Rotation 27

Feb 04, 2021

At the back door of the ranch house was a poured basketball court with metal nets on the baskets set into clear Mylar covering solar collection panels as back boards. This is where those hands that smoked, went after breakfast to have a smoke before getting started on their day.

At the corner edge of the basketball court, closest to the house, there had been a table set into the concrete that could be reversed to expose the solar panel for added power collection for storage of this Home of The Future. This is where assignments were handed out every morning at this particular ranch.

“Miss Lowery, Mr. Head, Mr. La Rue and Mr. Bolty, you'll be coming with me, this morning. I have some inventorying to do. So, I'll need you folks to give me a hand.”

“Everyone, this is Chuck Hendricks. He's an experienced ranch hand with a glowing recommendation from his former employer. He'll be going along with you guys this morning to move the livestock.” Foreman Mitchel said, indicating Chuck.

“Mr. Olson, Mr. Hicks, Mr. Hanson, Mr. Sims, Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Olson, Mr. Nguyen and Mr. Jensen, you'll be going out with Mr. Gonzalez to herd the livestock to another location on the ranch for grazing.” Foreman Mitchel told the men as some were finishing up their smokes.

Carlos spoke up and said, ”Quan, take Mr. Hendricks to the bunk house, assign him a bunk and show him where to store his personal stuff. Then take him to the corral and let him have a horse to use, until he brings his own horse back from his former employer.”

“We'll be heading out while you're getting him settled in. You know where the cattle is grazing, Quan. Some of us will be getting the sheep gathered into a herd, while the others will be rounding up the cattle and getting them headed to the southwest section. You two will join up with them and help with the cattle herding.”

Quan said, “C'mon Mr. Hendricks, I'll show you the bunkhouse and you can pick out a bunk that no one is using, we have a few. You get a locker but, you'll need to by a lock. Mr. Mitchel says you're an experienced ranch hand. Ever ride any bulls?”

Quan was leading Chuck to the bunkhouse and they talked as they walked to it.

“Call me Chuck, Mr. Nguyen. And no, I haven't ridden any bulls but, I've busted a few broncs. I hear that you're into bull riding. Myself, I've never wanted to get on the back of an animal that only want's to gore me or stomp me into hamburger. Hell Mr. Nguyen, broncs are bad enough, they'll stomp a mud hole in ya if they can.” Chuck Hendricks said seriously.

“You can call me, John or Quan, Chuck. My name is Quan but, most of the guys I've known, don't say it right and just call me John, instead. I kind of like it, though. John the Baptist was a Holy Man. It's a good name. I ride pretty good and can do lots of tricks on horseback, too.”

Quan got Chuck settled into the bunk house and they headed out to start the round up of the cattle to be moved for crop rotation.

Chuck swapped his 30/30 out for his pump shotgun, loaded with his squirrel-burger rounds and put it into his custom saddle's, long gun holster.

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