Feb 05, 2021

Discovery! – Welcome Back Jason 50

"What happened to him? He took a look at you and passed out." George England was saying."I'm assuming that he's had little sleep, probably hasn't eaten a descent meal in over 30 years and probably didn't know that it's been 30 years since he went into stasis. Not to mention what he's had to go through, just getting out of the stasis pod room and getting to the surface. That area was a direct hit by a meteor. The whole side of the building is... more

Feb 05, 2021

Discovery! – Jacob's Homestead 49

"Hold up, right there, stranger! What brings you to Jacob's Homestead?" Came a voice from above the closed palisade gate in the center."I would think that my pack animal and all of this stuff would make that fairly obvious, friend. I'm a trader, and seek to engage in some trade for my wares and perhaps purchase items that you good folks might have for such." Jason said spreading his hands indicating Clyde and his load of goods."You are rather heavily armed and... more

Feb 05, 2021

Discovery! – Dreamland 48

Darkness...Jason saw the entire solar system as if from above. He could clearly see the two clouds of meteors at the edge of the system. Everything was moving around the sun and in some cases, there were planets with their own orbiting spheres. Earth looked a bit different than all of the other planets, in that it seemed to have a cloud of tiny objects that were all around it, some were moving and some were stationary or very nearly so, in their orbits. And too, there was a large oblong object... more

Feb 05, 2021

Discovery! – WTF 47

Jason was troubled at where he found himself. The area was completely deserted. But it wasn't exactly "dead". The building he was in, had been recently built when he had first entered it. Yet, it looked years old. There was a thick layer of dust everywhere there hadn't been a breeze able to move it around. All of the connecting doors to this area, which was a large lobby area, with tables, a snack bar and a few dedicated, study rooms which had walls of glass on their lobby... more

Feb 05, 2021

Discovery! – Jason Wakes Up 46

Blackness...Searing pain...Blackness...Searing pain...Jason opened his eyes, his vision was blurry and it was dark and light and dark,light,dark,light.Jason took a ragged breath, closed his eyes and shook his head. It was cold, and Jason hurt all over. Especially his chest and back. He shook his head again trying to clear it."Stasis pod. I'm in the stasis pod." Jason thought, remembering where he was."Emergency evacuation procedure. By the numbers, Jarhead." Jason... more

Feb 05, 2021

Discovery! – Welcome Back kid 45

Darkness...Flash of searing pain..Blackness...Flash of searing pain..Blackness...Flash of searing pain..Darkness...A Bright Green flash of light...Jason opened his eyes and looked around the familiar, Japanese/Philippine dwelling, his home within his head. For some reason, Jason knew at this time, that he was dreaming and fully, consciously aware of where he was. He was inside his subconscious mind, lucid dreaming.Jason heard the ringing of a large bell from within his dwelling's master... more

Secure the Perimeter – Kelly Lowery 39
Discovery! – Livestock and Crop Rotation 27
Discovery! – Introductions – Civilian Hands – Matt Sims 28
Discovery! – Introductions – Lost Emergency Stores Inventory 29
Discovery! – Introductions – Dr. Juliette Swan MD PhD 30


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