Dr. Juliette Swan was just bringing in a bowl of chicken soup for her ailing son, when the sonic boom drew her attention to the window.

From her view at the window, she saw several asteroids fly by and land in the distance. The sonic boom was deafening. Then the impact tremors started.

The whole house shook, as if there were an earthquake taking place. Juliette ran to the bed, picked up her ailing son and ran with him to the storm shelter.

All over the entire world, meteors were falling from the sky, from every direction and at every angle.

Those that witnessed it and lived, said that it was the most frightening thing they had ever seen. They said the sky was literally falling. Millions died as it continued, intermittently, for three days. Yet, it only occurred during daylight hours. There was a great deal of superstition to grow from the events of those three days.