Lt. Mitchel made it to his feet and watched the large meteor streak across the sky toward the dam. Mike knew from his topological maps on the property that the supply cashe had been built on a rise in the land in general. It was not known for flooding even in the sometimes torrential rains that occurred during the spring and fall there.

The only thing Mike could think of to do, was to get the men to the main house and into it's re-enforced storm shelter. Mike scanned the skies and saw that meteors were falling all over the place from what seemed everywhere above them and even from the horizon.

As the area quieted a little, with the sonic booms from meteors entering the atmosphere in distant places, Mike gave out the loudest whistle he was capable of, by placing two fingers in his mouth and whistling loudly, several times, until he had everyone's attention. When he thought he had every one's attention, he put his arm up and made the assemble command, taught to troupes for loud combat situations by making small circles with his arm and hand.

“Take it easy, Lt. Mitchel. It's okay. We're right here. We're all that's left here. It's just you, Staff Sargent Head and me, Sir.” Sgt. La Rue said, trying to calm Lt. Mitchel.

SSgt. Head, was still standing there, staring at Pvt. Bolty's charcoal statue of a man on a bucking horse. “Damn.. That gives new meaning to the term “crispy critters”. That is fucking creepy! Hey! I've got an idea.. Let's get the fuck out of here and head back to the house!” SSgt. Head said as he was untying the reigns of his horse from the scrub-oak he had tied it's reins to.

“That sounds like a good idea to me too, SSgt. Head. Don't you think so too, Lt. Mitchel?”

Sgt. La Rue said, patting Lt. Mitchel on the back.