Aboard the International Space Station, the astronauts were busy with their daily tasks when warning alarms started sounding, warning of the approach of foreign bodies. By the time any of them could do much more than send a may-day, the space station was destroyed by a metallic asteroid the size of a compact car. All around the Earth, satellites were being destroyed by incoming meteors, some by meteors no bigger than a person's fist.

For the people of earth, that first day, was a large fireworks show mostly. Until people started noticing that their phones, internet and long distance communications was suddenly non-existent. At the time of the first meteor strikes, the great majority of people were in one way or another, tied to their digital devices.

Unfortunately, those meteors that did penetrate the atmosphere and impact the planet, impacted in densely populated areas. Schools were the hardest hit. Virtually an entire generation of children perished on that day.

The first morning after the beginning, of what the radio stations that were still working were calling, "SkyFall", informed that the meteors had knocked out all satellite communications capability on the entire planet. Businesses and the stock market were crippled, there was panic in the streets, riots and looting were taking place.

Until more meteors began falling the next day, larger, more dense meteors that did not burn up in the atmosphere. Local television and radio vanished from the airwaves and power generating stations suddenly stopped producing electricity. Planet earth was suddenly dark, electronically. Humankind scurried into underground shelters that had been made during the second world war or in private storm shelters. There were more riots and looting was rampant.

With the near instantaneous loss of digital information transfer and sudden loss of electricity, the majority of the human race gathered into small and frightened groups. Virtually overnight, society transformed from community cooperation and democratic rule to tribal rule, anarchy and distrust of outsiders.

The original "SkyFall" did a great deal of structural damage throughout the cities and larger townships. Hospitals, schools, police stations, military bases, airports, power generating stations, substations, transfer stations, factories and businesses that used large amounts of power were hit hard in the first 3 days of the catastrophe now known as SkyFall. In fact, SkyFall actually caused several rather serious earthquakes around the globe as well.

Billions of people, all over planet Earth, died within the 3 days of SkyFall. Hunger and disease killed many more, in the first few weeks and months. Mankind had indeed, gathered into small bands, built walls of debris around small functional structures and groups of structures, or in former factories that were still standing, within the formerly urbanized landscape.

Human kind in the United States had become lax and seemed to just follow along in whatever their elected officials and major news media told them was the right thing to do. It seemed that doing a little research and deciding for oneself, what position they were in favor of, was just too much work for most humans of the the world.

When SkyFall happened, people within the free world were suddenly without guidance. No leadership advice was available to the vast majority of people still alive. The leaderless and frightened people, ran to anyone who had the confidence to take responsibility for seeing to the safety and protection of their small group.

Society had been fractured and the cracks had been expanding and causing even more, smaller fractures, which seemed to be growing as well, before SkyFall. Those cracks tended to solidify various groups of angry individuals and the groups they gathered in, into bands of raiding marauders who simply took what they wanted and killed or enslaved any opposition.

The world seemed to slide backward into the days of the old west, shootouts, sieges of fortified groups, the control of water, foodstuffs, crops and transportation routes meant that the group controlling those resources, controlled the ones who needed those resources, to a point.

At first, gasoline vehicles were still usable, until all of the stored fuel had been exhausted. Soon, horses became the primary means of travel over distances, or for speed between locations that were closer. And like the old west, the theft of a horse was punishable by death.

Hanging and other forms of execution, became a standard punishment for most crimes against persons and property. The aftermath of SkyFall, effectively turned back the clock, socially. Some forms of execution, that were what would be considered brutal just before SkyFall, became normal.

They were used and accepted largely, because the fear of being executed in that manner, struck fear in the hearts of the people who witnessed the event. Stonings, being crushed by stones or large chunks of concrete, hangings, slow and fast, beheadings, drownings, even the brutal and horrifying burning at the stake or crucifixion, was used for execution. Executions were public and expected to be witnessed by everyone within a fortified area as a means of deterrent.

The housing of prisoners was at the very bottom of the list of concerns, held by the average living human after "SkyFall". Pillories, or "stocks", combined with whippings or beatings with a cane, were used for minor crimes or dereliction of duty offenses. Other offenses, which were not considered heinous enough to warrant death or a public whipping, were also punishable by being put in stocks as punishment.

From a legality standpoint, there were no actual practitioners of the vocation of lawyer. Most known lawyers, were killed when courthouses and large law offices, in buildings drawing a lot of power, were destroyed by meteors. Those that survived SkyFall, were later killed by angry mobs and individuals, simply for practicing law before SkyFall wiped out civilization, as people had known it.

Even those who were formerly lawyers and yet unknown, by almost everyone else, hid their former vocations from people. When they were able to survive and find a fortified group, that would allow them entrance into their fortified area, they would claim some sort of former profession, that had nothing, what so ever, to do with law or politics.

Angry mobs, carrying torches, were storming and dragging politicians from the halls of governmental buildings for public execution. Those furious constituents had demonstrated, that the politically motivated, career politicians, had become the targets for the frightened, angry and vengeful populace that they had been elected by. The general populace had been growing increasingly dissatisfied with politicians, who were making millions in a career of being an inactive political figure.

Because of the many years of perceived inaction and political in-fighting, between the two major parties. People in general, had become highly distrustful of politicians and any promises they might make, when seeking election.

In fact, the inactions and poor management of governmental resources, that were fought over by the opposing parties, had become a smoking pile of oily rags, just waiting for any kind spark to ignite it. SkyFall, was that spark.

Decades of pent up frustration, fueled the anger of the people, who felt that their desires were being ignored by their elected representatives. John/Jane Q. Public, had been feeling that his/her vote against or for any item on the ballot made no difference at all, for decades.

The public felt disenfranchised, by their elected officials and were very angry about it. That anger, brought on by frustration, had been growing more virulent, every year and in fact, every election cycle. That fact was only emphasized by the steady slipping of voter turn out numbers.

In most of the fortified areas, many of the leaders had dropped the "truly democratic" method of government and embraced a kind of loose, semi-democratic, despotism.

Although, the more intelligent of them, allowed the more influential members of a fortified group, to "advise" the leader and offer other ideas of how to accomplish a desired goal for the overall group.

The more magnanimous leaders, held group meetings for the members to voice their ideas in accomplishing a desired group goal. Regardless, the leader's decision was final and would be carried out, by force, if necessary.

For those leaders that led bands of marauders, leadership was often determined by combat. Or, if they had impressed or intimidated enough followers, to demonstrate a significant enough percentage of the group, to be considered the best choice for leadership.

There was a mass exodus from the urban areas, because the sub-stations were in the urban areas and those who survived, ran from their destruction. The majority of the people who had survived, called it Sky Fall, The Apocalypse.