My vocabulary is growing. In places I mentally perished I am gaining freedom. This has changed my life. Change is happening. It is challenging. Overall it is purposely tied to my destiny. God is trimming me.

This process has history. This process has a foundation of dirt and borns. I was buried. Now I just keep finding myself resurrecting. The glory is on me. The glory lives in me. When I am weak that is when i'm strong. I can't stay in captivity. I am chosen.

I have made it far. There were tunnels I couldn't see in. There were some that I couldn't even hear my voice to encourage myself. Once I celebrated victory for making it out, my dance brought me to another. A new dead born that needed life spoken to it. A birth of fresh wind. What there was, was a inner peace. A dominating piece was on the inside.

I was shifted. I was in a rocky boat. Toasted through test and trials. All was given and yet taken away. I had to find myself again. When will I ever venture eternal bliss.

I'll keep going. I'll see all I missed. When none was missed it is just time that I can't miss. So ever time a renewal of me occur, I then unfold. I open and close. I open, I close. I know one day I will remain open. This is new!

Life is what it is. LIVE!