I've been praying and waiting to just be in a specific place in my life for certain things to happen. These thoughts has always been accompanied with a vision of all that I would do or all that I can do. I've come a long way to actually pursue most of these thoughts and visions.

I am living and seeing a vision of mine come to pass where I am birthing my creative mind to share all that runs through my mind. Why are my thoughts so special? It is because they are things you've thought of or never thought of. They are questions I've asked and got answers to. Some are questions without answer but most assuredly hope to hold on.

I am a vessel storing flowers, water and seeds. I am giving love, I am giving energy and I am giving hope.

I am doing this so you can experience life through all that I put out for you. Be ready to transform with me. Reread this again because there's a lot to affirm you.

It's Anakeisha, Blessings!