Ya'll, its already nearing the end of October..what?!

Its been a BUSY month for me, but its been a great few weeks. I've gotten to go to two Harry Styles concerts (and going to a third on Halloween) and had alumni weekend at my college. This month is the most I've enjoyed myself since Covid first took over and I'm feeling a new surge of energy.

I use this app called The Pattern and it is scary accurate at telling you what point of your life you're in, what lessons you're currently learning, the patterns that repeat throughout your life, etc. Recently, it sent me a congratulations for getting through a trying, but rewarding, phase in my life. What a relief, because the past year or so has been TESTING ME!! I feel a weight off my shoulders now though, which is all that matters. You should definitely download this app- I force all of my family and friend to and they are all equally amazed at what this app can tell them.

Anyways, I have been doing so so much school work, article writing, and working on new projects for all of you! I have a few tarot readings being sent out this week (finally- thank you for your patience to anyone who has booked a reading this month!) so if you would like one, book one now! I will begin to do this more routinely over the next few weeks as I figure out a better workflow now that I have new responsibilities to manage.

Keep an eye here for new announcements! I will be having tons of new content released her and on TikTok soon. Being that my 25th birthday is quickly approaching, lots of changes will be happening fast in anticipation! Hope you all have a beautiful week :)

I'll be posting selfies, Harry Styles content and new stories over the next few days!