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Illustrator/Artist - Paper Crafts for Street Cats

Cutouts for a Cause

Hello! Thanks for dropping by. You can download my Mini Kitty Cutout Templates here. You will immediately receive a ZIP file containing a printable PDF file and an image file with assembly instructions.

(Alternative link via dropbox is here)

These paper cats were designed by me to help local community cats (stray cats who are cared for by their neighborhood). If you like my paper cats, please consider donating a "coffee" - even a small amount goes a long way!

All proceeds collected through here will be passed on to buy food and medical supplies when needed, or donated to Singapore's Cat Welfare Society. 

Monthly donation statements will be uploaded here so you know where your money goes :) 

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Recent Posts
Hi guys! Activity Statement for the donations I collected in February is now up! Head on down to www.inkycatstudio.com/cofac if you'd like to take a look. 
Hey guys! I've removed the goal setting for March as I don't have any specific funding goal in mind. Obviously I would still welcome and appreciate any 'coffees' and all funds that I collect for March will still go towards the people/orgs that I support.  On another note, I've also updated my FAQs - this is my first fundraising project so I've learnt a few things along the way, especially with regards to processing fees and so I've added a few more of these bits of knowledge to the FAQ (see link to FAQ above).  All in all, thank you for the support in February! Please continue to support COFAC for March  . 
We met our Goal for February!! Thank you so much to everyone who downloaded, shared and donated! . I'll be withdrawing proceeds by the end of today (28th here in SG) and forwarding on all funds to @furballs.adventure . A statement of how much I raised this month will uploaded shortly to my website www.inkycatstudio.com/cofac
Someone bought Stephanie 12 coffees.

I want to give towards care for Goldie :)

MelC bought Stephanie a coffee.

All the best! Hope the kitties get the care they need :)

Only a little bit more to go to meet this month's fund raising goal! . As a final push, I will be sending out stickers and personal thank you notes to donors who donate between today and the end of February. Please leave your email, DM me on instagram or email me at [email protected] so I can send them out to you . 
Jess & Kat bought Stephanie 5 coffees.

For the cats! XD

Carissa Chan bought Stephanie a coffee.

Keep it up!!! It’s really great, what you’re doing :) 

Happy to update that Goldie has now found a new home with a kind carer who has taken him in. Check out video updates from @furballs.adventure on instagram! All proceeds from the month of February will still be sent to Goldie for his remaining medical needs. Thank you very much to everyone who has donated or visited this page so far . 
Someone bought Stephanie 5 coffees.