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Hello! :) I’m Andrea. I am a biologist specialized in biodiversity conservation and ecology, but above all I love nature with all my being. My passion is to communicate about the deep love and joy that nature makes me feel.

Due to the current climate crisis and everything related to it: climate change, plastic pollution, contamination by pesticides and other chemicals, the sixth mass extinction... I find myself in a powerful need to spread and teach all that nature has taught me. Now it is more important than ever to talk about nature, to listen to her and to love her.

Throughout my life I have suffered a lot for the way society treats nature, for her destruction, for the disappearance of wonderful and irreplaceable species. However, all that suffering has given me an enormous learning experience and I feel an immense joy to be able to share that learning with you. I hope with all my heart that it will be useful to you and that it can add value to your life.

If you wish, you can also follow my work at : and on my Youtube channel!

Looking forward to hearing from you,