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Being born again

Feb 13, 2022

Happy Sunday evening! šŸ˜ŠšŸŒ±

I felt like joining you this afternoon by sharing a poem with you. It was created with the world and the beauty of everything in it in my heart. I hope it can be of service to you and that you enjoy it:

Being born again

What would be able to stop the world,
opening its way among so many silenced laments,
so that even before the noise of the hearts,
to rediscover the greatness of each morning.

World, let go of what makes you forget
so that you remember what once made you great.
Embrace yourself from pole to pole,
be proud of all that you shelter.
Shudder at your intensity,
as you celebrate your wonders with glee.

World, soak your creations with enthusiasm,
accompanying them in the light of the new day.
Attend to even the most insignificant experiences,
for it was they that saw you born,
they were the ones that gave you life.

With all my love šŸ„°šŸ™


Image credits: Pixabay

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