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Andrea Belzer is a writer and teacher.

I specialize in personal transformation including topics like: happiness, spiritual growth, emotional healing, success and confidence.

How did I get here?  A long story but here is a short version to get you going.

In 2014, I was struggling. I had always put everyone else ahead of me. I was worn out.

So I went on a journey to change my life.

I had to. The way I was operating was depleting me on every single level. I was physically getting sicker, even though I "looked" healthy. I was mentally worn out. Forgetting things that were 100% against my personality and strengths. I was emotionally depleted. I simply could not handle my own stress and pain along with taking on everyone else's. I was spiritually at a crossroads. Nothing made sense anymore.

So I decided I was done.

Done following everyone else's rules.
Done not paying myself enough attention.
Done not following my heart.

So I did a deep dive in to understanding myself. Trying to figure out why I kept running into the same problems.Why I always put others first. Why I did not think I was worthy - of just about anything. Why I needed desperately for everyone to like me.I tried just about everything and slowly started making changes.

Fast forward to March 2019. I had a major realization.

I had transformed my life. See it was a really bad day and when I went to bed that night - I was joyful!

Yes joyful!

I was not stressed. I had not run around all day worried about everyone else. I handled what needed to be handled. Took time outs when needed and believed everything would be okay.

While I realized I could always improve (and would continue to do so) I also realized that I was authentically happy with me and who I was.

So I started gathering what I did to get to a place of pure joy. (I like to break things down into easy to understand parts.)

What came out is a process that anyone can implement to transform their own life.

I am trained in Reiki (Master), Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, and Meditation. Plus I have my coaching certificate. And my undergrad in finance and my MBA!