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Hi, my name is Andrea Belzer. I help people achieve their goals and get the life that they desire.

I have been setting goals and trying different ways to manage and achieve them since pre-high school. Over the years I have learned one thing that makes the biggest difference.

What is that?

That every part of your life impacts your goals. If you set a goal to run a marathon, it more than just your training routine. It's your mindset, your relationship to others, your career and much more that impact how you do.

I help you figure out what you want, how to achieve it and then problem solve along the way.

I can help in a few areas:
•    Personal finance - money impacts pretty much everything we do. I have decades of training and experience in finance. I use this plus my own life experience to help you make sure your money supports you - not block you.
•    Personal development - while working your goals you will face many hurdles that you need to work to improve. Especially in the soft skills. Everything from time management, planning and even emotional healing work.
•    Spirituality - as you work on your goals, especially the personal development ones. You may doubt yourself, and sometimes everything else! My personal experience with this has taken me on a big spiritual journey. Now I help others along the way.
•    Cheerleader - life is hard and we all experience this differently. But one thing I know we can all use is more compassion and support. So I approach everything with love. And if you just need someone to tell you that you are doing great. I am here for you!

What I am doing here: I use Buy me a Coffee not only for support of my YouTube channels (I have four), but as a way to have a supportive membership program. Depending on the level you pick you will get support and guidance along the way. Not sure what is right for you? Send me a note and I can help!

My Training Details:
BBA in Finance from the University of Iowa
MBA with Finance emphasis from Creighton University.
Coaching Certificate
Reiki Master
Meditation Certificate
Hypnotherapy Certificate
Past Life Regression Certificate

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