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Here's what I know: Being who you are and showing up with what you have can change everything.

But Iโ€™ve also experienced how hard it is to trust that. And how easy it can be to get stuck in a cycle of feeling like who you are and what you have is not enough.

So you end up putting all the things on your plate until you burn out and once again judge yourself as not doing enough for the world.

Consciously creating change is an everyday practice. One that is lifelong and unique to each person, community, and cultureโ€ฆ

and you donโ€™t have to suffer through it or do it alone.

That's why I've created:

Everyday Activism

A learning community for people who want to make a difference in a sustainable and satisfying way.

We're starting out with two calls each month via Zoom.

The first call is a workshop with me, diving into themes and frameworks that support you in crafting an everyday activism practice that is unique to you. These are recorded and shared with you via private podcast.

The second call is a community gathering facilitated by our Community Nurturer, Stephanie. These are opportunities for you to connect, find support, and cultivate relationships with other Everyday Activists from all over the world. These are not recorded.


Here's what's coming up:


October //


Workshop โ€“ October 15 at 11-1pm ET

This workshop dives into a framework for understanding and engaging with your responsibility in your life, work, relationships and our world.

Community Gathering โ€“ October 27 at 6-7:30 ET

November //


Workshop โ€“ November 5 at 11-1pm ET

In this workshop, we'll be exploring what the key components are of an everyday activism practice and what it can look like to craft a practice that's unique to who you are and what you have available to you.

Community Gathering โ€“ November 10 at 6-7:30 ET

December //


Workshop โ€“ December 3 at 11-1pm ET

Sacrificial, selfless activism is the surest way to burn out. (Ask me how I know.) This workshop makes space for us to consider what would truly take care of us as we show up for what's most important in the world.

Community Gathering โ€“ December 15 at 6-7:30 ET



I'm closing up shop soon and moving on to new adventures. These are the last opportunities to work with me live for the foreseeable future!

When you join, you'll be charged monthly through the end of the year. The membership is set at $34 a month minimum. When you click join you'll find that you're able pay what you choose. If you want to contribute more than the minimum and support the sustainability and growth of this work, I suggest $67 or $97 a month (but you can do whatever you want).

If you'd like to change your monthly payment at any point, you'd have to cancel your initial subscription and sign up for a new one. If life happens or you find out this isnโ€™t for you, you can cancel your payment and participation anytime.

There are no refunds on any processed payments.

Don't want to join Everyday Activism, but wanna support my work?

You can click the "support" tab and buy me a taco (or 4). This is a one time contribution that I am always grateful for. Thank you!!