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I am a freelance writer with a million ideas and only two hands. On most days I am using those hands to groom dogs (so I can pay the bills) but my true calling is to create. To write. To weave words together and hopefully communicate the thoughts that bounce around in my brain. As time and stress have slowed my hands (and the rest of me) I am more ready than ever to transition away from such physical work and outsource that earning-a-living stuff to my head. Also my hands (you know, because - TYPING), and my heart. I enjoy writing from the heart about anything that inspires me. Sometimes I am hilarious and silly, occasionally melancholy, or perhaps just inspired and hopeful. I will swear like a pirate on occasion but I can (for the most part) control it when necessary. I have enjoyed writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil, but only recently have I summoned the courage to share my writing with others. I'm still getting comfortable with that. I appreciate any support that is offered, especially if I write something that resonates with you. If you "Buy Me a Coffee" I would love to add you to my list of people to receive a free copy of my first book when it is published!