Buy Andreea a coffee


Thanks for visiting my page! For those that know me well, I am an actress and director, I create videos on Youtube and I run a page and a website called "The Artistation". I guess I am a content creator .. 

The Artistation is a community and website dedicated to the evolution and fusion of arts. It was created 4-5 years ago and has been growing ever since. It now has good visibility and quality content. (viewers range from 2.000 to 20.000 on a single article) 

I always try to bring you guys the best content I can create. I love a good coffee and I thought this website is a great fit for me to accept donations.

Why I need your help:

1. Until now I had the support I needed and was able to take care of all payments needed for the website. (domain, hosting, ssl, protection, IT support). Unfortunately, I am at the point where I need to invest more and I cannot manage all just by myself.

Due to recent growth which led to an increase in hacking attacks, the website needs constant attention and for that, I need to pay the specialist to take care of it properly. There are no new articles at the moment due to all the technical issues we've had and it has been off for a while. It desperately needs a big update/fix .. but at least it's working. I need help to revive it and I need to do this properly. Further on, I need to step up the game and pay for IT support monthly. 

2. I hate adds and do not wish to overcrowd the beautiful art that I share with shitty pop-ups. I do not want to monetize the website like this. I am doing this out of love/passion and I want you to be able to navigate it easily, the way I like it: add-free! 

3. I would like to give something to the few people in my team, for the time and effort they have invested. My team consists of outstanding designers, film-makers, performers, social media freaks.

I would also like to continue making videos for you all. I don't really make money with it, but I take pleasure in doing it. So.. 

If you enjoy the website ( and my youtube channel then maybe you are interested in supporting my work - I would appreciate if you bought me a coffee! (or 3 or 5.. :) Payment is easy and safe, through PayPal.

And last but not least, THANK YOU.

I am working together with my husband, but as we are both artists all our gigs got canceled. Festivals got canceled. Our wedding got canceled.. we lost a lot of money.. My income is now less than basic. I had savings but they are all finished. So I cannot afford to invest in the website at the moment. On the other hand, because we're spending so much time home this year, it would be the best time to revive the project that I love so much. And you could help me with that by buying me a coffee or two! I got fresh new articles in store for you, once it's working properly. 

Thank you again.

Andreea Reea