and they're all rubbish! That's an issue isn't it? So many acts out of work with nothing on the horizon so we're sitting at home making awful videos, filled with terrible jokes and sharing them with the world to show we are trying to remain active, viable even! I know that us comics crave attention, validation, the approval of strangers etc etc. Not enough hugs as a child or too many... who can say what trauma bred the latest batch of comic entertainers? I don't know about any of that, what I do know, is that I don't want to do what EVERYONE else is doing. So help me, help you. Every week, I'm going to make a terrible video that's barely funny. Then I'm going to share that video to everyone who liked my original post, but did not donate. I'm also going to share the video to everyone who has ever sent me a 'Like this page request' or asked me to donate to a cause for their birthday instead of getting them a gift when I wasn't going to get them a gift in the first place!!! I'm going to take great pleasure in sending the most boring videos to all those people overseas who ad me when we have never even met! To those who bought me a coffee - thanks very much (and you're off the hook this week, bought me 2 coffees - off the hook for two weeks. I'm sure you see how this works!) If you become a member and sponsor me for the princely sum of $7 per month - I'll unfriend you from Facebook and block you on Twitter so you'll never have to endure any of these truly abysmal videos or random invites to come see any of my shows ever again (these are members benefits only!!!) There is an argument that this is a form of low grade extortion and I agree, but you've only got yourself to blame for that - because you will literally watch any old piece of tat, to prove that, I have made a video that is as boring as watching paint dry (spoiler alert - it is literally watching paint dry...) For those that did donate - don't worry, I'm not keeping your money. Each week, the money will be donated on your behalf to a charity or NZ business listed on Zealand Made Products

to help ease the burden on others struggling to keep their heads above water during this economic malaise. The video will be sent with an announcement detailing the amount raised and the charity or business we sent the funds to. I hope, more than anything, that you never watch the videos.