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Andrew Backhouse is a broadcaster and Sound Artist // Photographer - he hosts The Parish News, The Jazz Show on HCR and he runs The Sound Map Of Harrogate.

The Parish News plays experimental music and avant-garde sounds. It is broadcast on a number of station including Resonance EXTRA, Soundart Radio, HCR & K-BOG. My radio show, The Parish News, can be listened to at

I also host The Jazz Show on HCR - a monthly toe-dip in to all forms of Jazz. I admit I am very keen on Free Jazz but I play all the sub-genres. You can find out more HERE.

The final thing to mention here is that I am documenting the audio heritage of my hometown at - might not be everyone's cup of tea but if you enjoy listening to slow media and field recordings then you may dig something from it?

Did you know I have a Newsletter? You can keep up to date HERE.