11x14 Stonehenge Aqua. Hake, rigger, scraper. Lemon Yellow, Raw Sienna, Burnt sienna, Burnt Umber, light red oxide, Phthalo Blue, Paynes Grey. Another focus on Phthalo Blue...but halfway into the painting I realized I hadnt used any phthalo blue! I mapped out the landscape with burnt sienna and raw sienna, using paynes grey to plan out my darks. I created the sky using raw sienna, light red oxide and paynes grey. When I finally remember to use Phthalo Blue :P I mixed it with a variety of earth tones to create my greens. It seems as though it can be boiled down to these 3 recipes if you want to simplify things to start off. phthalo blue and raw sienna give a mellow green, while phthalo blue and lemon yellow can give a more popping great. Phthalo blue and burnt umber give a fantastic dark! most dark/ black marks are made with this combination. Enjoy! Andrew Broussard https://youtu.be/mBGRprxEpgM